Buying real estate in thailand

Thailand located in the tropics.
Located in Southeast Asia
Thailand is very popular today.

Many people prefer to come here for outdoor activities.
And of course, everyone who thinks about visiting Thailand is interested in the question of where to stay. among a huge selection of real estate, everyone can find their own

What attracts Thailand tourists?
Of course, this is world famous Thai cuisine, temples and palaces, breathtaking landscapes, a huge number of pristine beaches with white sand and turquoise sea, mountains, rivers flowing through the jungle or their surroundings.
There are a lot of attractions that attract everyone interested in the beauties of nature.

Travel guides often tell you about the most interesting places in the country of your interest.
You can choose for yourself what is most interesting and make a route.

We bring to your attention 17 of the best places in Thailand:
1. Koh Phangan
The fifth largest island, is a mixture of hills, jungle and white sand beaches

2. Khao Yai National Park

3. Sukhothai
Small town, popular tourist destination due to the nearby ruins of the ancient city.

4. Koh Samui
Third largest island

5. Chiang Rai
A place to explore the Golden Triangle, which includes the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

6. Share

7. Phanom Rung
Hindu temple complex known for its outstanding architecture

8. Phuket
Tourist Center of Thailand

9. Khao Sok National Park

10. Ayutkhaya
The city is located on an island surrounded by three rivers

11. Koh Chang
Thailand’s second largest island

12. Kanchanaburi
Famous for its iron bridge that connects to the historic Death Railroad to Burma

13. Reilly
Small peninsula in the south of Thailand

14. Koh Tao
Known as the best diving and snorkeling destination.

15. Chiang Mai
Tourists with a love of scenery, hill tribes and outdoor walks are a must visit this city.

16. Bangkok

17. Koh Phi Phi
Largest island