Real estate in Thailand

Thailand — for travel or for life?

Tourism plays a significant role in the economy of this country. In 2012, Thailand was visited by almost 19 million people from all over the world, three years later the figure increased to 30 million, which gave income in tens of billions of dollars. Poles are no less willing to choose Thailand as a holiday destination. It turns out that the hospitality of Lao and Thais is great, and the culture and warm climate attract you like a magnet. While there, many foreigners realize that this is their paradise on earth. Thailand, with its popular resorts in the Andaman Sea, ranks 14th on the list of 24 best places to live in retirement, according to this year’s International Living magazine rankings. The study takes into account the aesthetic value of places, the cost of living, attractions and safety.

Thailand is a country with a high level of social inequality, but also with 1% unemployment. This means that in addition to elegant mansions, luxurious villas and skyscrapers in Bangkok, Thais live in huts made of wood and dried leaves, they are engaged in fishing and agriculture. Do not surprise anyone with the sight of golden temples, dragon statues and food on the street.

The government of the country has created special rules for foreigners planning to buy land or housing in Thailand. They determine the rules for the acquisition of real estate, as well as the types and amounts of mandatory taxes. It turns out that a foreigner will more often be a tenant of land for life than a 100% owner. There are two ways to buy a property.

Real estate in Thailand — where to live and at what prices to expect?

The real estate market in Thailand is rich and diverse, as presented on the website The cost of apartments depends on the location, level of decoration or area. You can choose from offers for cheaper premises, without amenities and in less attractive areas, or you can decide to buy a comfortable apartment with a beautiful view at a price close to European prices.

In fact, there are three factors, which affect the attractiveness and therefore the value of the property. These are:

  • Location — is of great importance to investors who intend to do business in Thailand, especially in its capital, Bangkok. Thailand is constantly changing, giving you the opportunity to make money. Apartments in popular and dynamically developing areas will be more expensive.
  • Technical characteristics of the object — here you should pay attention to the price per square meter of the apartment. The total cost is influenced by the size, equipment, layout and decoration of the premises.
  • Developer and property management — the quality of service and property management affects its value. Using projects from well-known and trusted investors, you can be sure that the building will be well managed.